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Open-Sourced Cloud Infrastructure as Enterprise IT Backbone

Many enterprises have private clouds for computing and storage optimization. To fully utilize private cloud resources to specific needs, open-sourced cloud infrastructure is the only way to go! With a solid team of open source contributors, this is where we really shine!

An OEM company chose inwinSTACK for invoking OpenStack and Ceph to bring about their private cloud implementation. We programmed assertive testing and custom developments to fulfill our client’s needs. Migrating an enterprise’s entire IT backbone is something we want to be extremely careful about. Since the client is an OEM company, they decided to utilize their own hardware products. Our software development can then benefit from hardware customizations; likewise, specific hardware spec requirements can benefit from tuning the software.

inwinSTACK not only provided private cloud implementation but continuous maintenance since then. We want to be the Alfred for our Bruce Wayne by making sure their IT backbone works 100% well on the custom infrastructure.


Massive growing scale of cloud computing infrastructures and platforms

Manageability and reliability

Highly customizable platform for diversified needs

Rapid deployment

Reduce total cost of ownership on infrastructure and VM environment


Integration of OpenStack and Ceph (The first and largest operator grade in Taiwan)

Transform existing AWS platform to OpenStack cloud platform

Installation of hardware systems within two weeks

Deployment of software and VMs within two weeks

Providing Cloud storage up to 3PB

Offering VM with 4800 VCPU and 4TB RAM


A self-managing cloud platform and storage system of high reliability and flexibility

Strongly secure cloud computing and storage environment

50% improvement on system performance

Cost reduction on infrastructure by 73%

Cost reduction on VM by 100%


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