Health Industry

Health Industry

DevOps Implementation with Container Orchestration

Hospitals handle an increasing number of patients every year due to advanced medicine and technology nowadays. As clinical database grows progressively, a hospital institute reached out to us, requiring a safe and scalable infrastructure that works with their containerized applications. Besides Kubernetes as the container orchestration solution, we provided Ceph as the storage backend and Rancher for their Kubernetes management.

With existing data (such as clinical records, x-ray images, and reports) successfully migrated to Ceph, new data is also stored in Ceph using RADOSGW S3 Protocol as the API is implemented into their medical software applications. Instead of being left out useless, previously used database solution, DB2, will now store object URLs of data stored in Ceph, putting traditional and new solutions in work together.

Rancher provides not only cluster management for Kubernetes but also a user-friendly web interface for non-operators. This enables DevOps opportunities for our client. In fact, they have accomplished CI/CD practices incorporating automation pipelines using GitLab, Jenkins and Kubernetes Ingress, built from the Rancher UI. Developers may now test their container implementation in a Kubernetes testing namespace with a single Git push, while only operators will be able to deploy containers in the production namespace.


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