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Building Private Cloud Platform to Centralize IT Resources

Over the last few years, public sector organizations have strived to innovate their business, eliminated their old equipment and replaced with new ones in order to take steps towards E-government; as a result, new equipment requires new platforms which equip with the features of scalability, manageability, high efficiency, security, and high availability.

Government organizations are centralizing their IT resources, which is in need of improving the efficiency of resource utilization and integrating infrastructure resources to form a shared resource. The evolution of E-government minimizes the number of infrastructure equipment, raises the server to administrator ratio, and reduce data center space, power consumption, as well as management cost. Meanwhile, government agencies are accelerating development and deployment associated with test environments since they depend on the horizontal scalability to meet the requirements of future integration and expansion with other remote storage resources.

Building OpenStack to establish a private cloud platform can help clients achieve the above-mentioned objectives. inwinSTACK assists our clients in adopting virtual network technologies by providing Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS), isolation of internal and external network, as well as separation of development, test and production environment. These allow our clients to provide shared resources for both development and production environment, to improve resource utilization rate, and to enhance network security.

inwinSTACK offers design and development, consultations, on-site services, and training services. All these enable organizations to get complete assistance during runtime. We also appreciate our clients’ determination to promote cloud platforms. However, a cloud computing project cannot be done without the support from government officials. With fully, bilateral communication and interaction, we are able to put ourselves in clients’ shoes. Along with our clients, we can promote technological nation together and make Taiwan more competitive in information technology.


Computing Software encapsulated in virtual machines need to run on cloud platform

Highly scalable computing and storage solution for future needs

Manage a massive data cluster environment

For production use


Fuel OpenStack Cloud Platform + Ceph for backend storage

Provide HA (High Availability) for computing and storage nodes

Cloud environment that supports multi hypervisors, including VMWare vSphere and KVM

Provides resource allocation service


Optimized resource utilization for CPU, memory, and storage

Easily monitored and manageable massive cluster environment

Cost-effective scale-out ability for future storage expansion needs


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