Plastic Currency

Finance Industry

Building Robust and Reliable Cloud Platform through OpenStack and Ceph

As the cloud storage technology is proving to be a superior alternative to boost capacity to handle massive data growth, it is now offering an exceptional level of flexibility, scalability and cost saving to the banking and financial service industry. One of the best solutions is the adoption of OpenStack with Ceph, which can reduce license fees required by the traditional virtualization architecture, and maintain low-cost scalability. This solution also replaces existing SAN or NAS storage solution with distributed storage solution, to solve future expansion and backup problems.

Owing to the bureaucratic banking culture, a majority of banks still keep their old equipment running. Many servers are still using Pentium processors, which are too old to upgrade. inwinSTACK provides physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to virtual (V2V) solutions to help clients transfer their old equipment to OpenStack, and improve system performance. With painless system upgrade, these solutions can continue to provide IT services or customer account access to bank staff.

Financial clients tend to think twice when it comes to adopting new technologies because of their instability. For that matter, accredited inwinSTACK is a certified service provider that can assist our clients by offering training courses to people at their IT departments. We provide comprehensive consulting, development, and technology transfer to our clients so that they can rest assure the open-source, on-premise cloud platform will be up and running safely and securely.

Plastic Currency

Plastic currency is used to replace paper money as one of the payment tools for obtaining goods and services; however, consumers must be first educated to understand the advantages, specifically finding cost savings and other marginal benefits. Plastic currency providers need to connect different industries such as by using cross-platform interactive services.

inwinSTACK’s multi-cloud technology provides information firewall, transaction sandbox, and instant messaging software. It’s newest AI development platform also includes developmental service robots, analysis of customer consumption orientation, data management, platform construction, and obtaining financial management certification.


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