Clinical Medical Analysis and Deep Learning Workshop

Dates: 2020/12/05 09:00~17:00

Location: CCH International Education and Training Center

As AI and deep learning developing rigorously within decades, it shows more opportunities for AI to be used in medical industries. AI-related healthcare solutions and discussions have then been highly focused among countries. Recently, besides improving the accuracy and performance of AI models, the issue of “Trustable AI” has come into people’s eyes. “Trustable AI” is now a critical challenge for global researchers and AI developers.

This time, the workshop will focus on the aspect of analysis in clinical medicine and applications of deep learning. With integrated thematic instruction on AI in medical imaging and structured medical data, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages that introduce AI into medical industries.

1. Trend analysis of introducing Trustable AI into smart healthcare
2. Introduction to AI platform
3. Integrated Thematic Instruction Part. I: Artificial intelligence in structured medical data
4. Integrated Thematic Instruction Part. II: Artificial intelligence in medical imaging


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