DICOM Viewer

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) mainly provides digitized medical images, and transmits the medical images on the Internet to facilitate storage and retrieval, management, printing and transmission. The DICOM standard is widely used in the international standard of medical imaging in the field of radiology (X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.). Most of the analysis and application of medical imaging data are based on the DICOM standard.

We provide a fast and convenient tool to read a whole batch of personal medical images from PACS, and can simply add a specific model for AI analysis at the same time. With DICOM Viewer, images and patient data can be integrated and exchanged.

☑DICOM Viewing、☑Mask Viewing、☑2D/3D DICOM Viewer、☑DICOM Image/Label Export(DICOM to PNG)、☑Support Image Inference Module、☑PACS Connectivity

DICOM Viewing

Supports multiple DICOM file types

Mask Viewing

Provides image masking tools

2D/3D DICOM Viewer

Read multi-dimensional images

Support Image Inference Module

Directly join specific models for online inference

DICOM Image/Label Export

Export DICOM to PNG

PACS Connectivity

Directly connect with PACS system to read files


As AI becomes more and more powerful, an efficient AI platform or development environment has become an important demand of every industry.

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