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OpenStack Cloud

An open source cloud established in 2010, OpenStack is now the most popular and fastest growing open source project in the world. It is focused to provide enterprise customers automated Iaas infrastructure that converges computing, storage, and networking. OpenStack encompasses the characteristics of easy-to-scale (expand), easy-to-operate, and easy-to-manage, which not only reduces the complexity and cost of IT implementation, but also eliminates vendor lock-ins with proprietary providers. OpenStack is currently deployed by some of world’s most renowned enterprises including AT&T, ERICSSON, Cisco, NASA, Walmart and Yahoo.

The core components of OpenStack are Compute (Nova)、Network (Neutron)、Identity (Keystone)、Image (Glance)、Block Storage (Cinder) and Object Storage (Swift). Other management services include Telemetry (Ceilometer) and Orchestration (Heat). Container services are provided through Kubernetes that deploys and manages containerized applications.


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