More powerful and efficient integrated computing platform


Containerized Cloud+Edge Platform

With the ongoing rise of IoT (Internet of Things) , AI, and AR/VR applications, the biggest names in global IT enterprises have come to take part in this hot trend by developing their own versions of platforms that integrate various things and devices with cloud computing and analytics applications. inwinSTACK’s Cloud+Edge solution employs Kubernetes and OpenStack as underlying cloud architecture, and more importantly, the Edge server /Intelligent gateway which incorporates fog computing technology providing real-time data analytics, filtering, and encryption at gateway level to reduce data loading on cloud side. This reduces overall data processing time and networking cost, leading to a relatively more powerful and efficient IoT/AI/AR/VR solution.

To ensure High availability and provide load balancing functions for Edge server/Intelligent gateway, multiple servers (clustering) are deployed, while being provisioned and managed by Kubernetes master controller.


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