The International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia 2021 (IFMIA 2021)

  Workshop on Intelligent Medical and Healthcare in Taiwan Dates: 2021/1/24 09:00~16:30 Location: Barry Lam Hall, National Taiwan Univeristy Website: Registration: IFMIA 2021 Dates: 24-27 Jan 2021 Location: online The International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia (IFMIA) is a forum for academic researchers, biomedical scientists, engineers, and clinicians in all Asian countries to exchange […]

Clinical Medical Analysis and Deep Learning Workshop

Dates: 2020/12/05 09:00~17:00 Location: CCH International Education and Training Center As AI and deep learning developing rigorously within decades, it shows more opportunities for AI to be used in medical industries. AI-related healthcare solutions and discussions have then been highly focused among countries. Recently, besides improving the accuracy and performance of AI models, the issue […]

The International Conference on Pervasive Artificial Intelligence (ICPAI 2020)

Dates:2020/12/03-12/05 09:00~17:00 Location:Howard Civil Service International House Taipei No. 30, Hsin Sheng South Road Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan 106, R.O.C. Website: The International Conference on Pervasive Artificial Intelligence (ICPAI) is intended to serve as a cross-discipline and cross-domain annual meeting to promote the AI applications in various fields. This conference provides an excellent platform for […]

Smart Medical Symposium – CIO Taiwan

活動時間:2020/08/28 08:30~16:40 活動位址:喜來登飯店 B2 福廳 活動網址: 一場世紀疫情考驗著醫療體系的能力與潛力,養兵千日用在一時,過去熬夜賣肝的打造醫療的資訊系統,在這關鍵時刻產生效果。因應未來更嚴峻的挑戰,智慧醫療、IoT、AI各項新技術正陸續浮現在當前醫療體系各個角落。

企業數位轉型關鍵:雲化的智慧服務 (SaaS)

活動時間:2020/08/19 14:00~16:50 活動位址:台灣雲協會議室 活動網址: 隨著 AI 浪潮席捲而來,如何透過 AI 技術及雲端服務帶動數位轉型,已成為企業的重要發展關鍵。2020 年雲協 AI SIG 智慧服務工作組將以「企業數位轉型關鍵:雲化的智慧服務 (SaaS)」為主題,串聯及媒合企業供需。

On-Demand: How the collaboration with healthcare AI can help in population health

Time:2020/06/26 05:00~06:00 Webinar:GoToWebinar Website: The impact of data quality and quantity (on modeling) is always critical, no matter in traditional statistics or machine learning (deep learning). Data privacy is always the top consideration for digital health and health informatics. However, it becomes a significant obstacle when it comes to AI model development, protected and restricted […]

展望醫療與 AI 的現在進行式

活動時間:2020/06/23 10:00~11:10 活動位址:GoToWebinar 活動網址: 我們的專家將利用1個小時向您展示如何加快特定模型的訓練,而無需強大的程式語言技能就可以 pipeline 化 AI 模型,並且實際以胸部X光片來訓練 AI 模型,再運用 AI Appliance – ari 進行 COVID-19 感染檢測。 另外在模型訓練時大多會遇上數據庫的大小有限,又必須遵守GDPR、HIPAA法規以及其他限制,但我們將呈現利用聯盟學習來解決模型訓練問題。

Cloud Native Forum 2019

活動時間:2019/10/09 08:30~17:00 活動位址:TICC 101 活動網址: 本次 Cloud Native Forum 2019,我們將攜手國內外最頂尖的技術專家,從實戰經驗分享到深層技術交流,帶您一步一步來認識雲端原生,協助您導入雲端原生的技術,讓您和您的企業更具競爭力!