Understanding the concept of “microservices”

筆者很榮幸地在近期參加了許多雲端技術講座,並向資訊界的同仁們面對面分享我對「微服務Microservice」概念的解讀。令人欣喜的是,許多學、業界前輩對於我用「類比」的方式講解微服務表示讚許,因此我決定將它寫成簡單的文字,分享給大家! Understanding the concept of “microservices” I am honored to have been able to participate in many cloud technology seminars recently and share my understanding

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Brief Introduction to CI/CD

What is CI/CD ? CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment) is a software engineering method or practice that allows developers to

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A New Role for Luminous’ ceph-mgr

Starting from the Luminous version, related functions based on measurement and statistical properties have been separated, which ceph-mgr is responsible for. Simply put, versions after

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Unikernel v.s Container

Type-1 Bare-Metal Environment Container Virtualization Container can be treated as a process of a Linux system. By using yaml files that include the description of

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Grafana Introduction

Grafana is an open-source software for monitoring and analysis. One of its major characteristics is it supports many different data sources, from popular CloudWatch, Elasticsearch,

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IoT Cloud+Edge Platform

From the early mainframe architecture development, to the personal computer (PC) architecture, to the networking client/server architecture, to the recent cloud computing architecture, we currently

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