IoT Cloud+Edge Platform

IoT Cloud+Edge Platform

Figure 1

From the early mainframe architecture development, to the personal computer (PC) architecture, to the networking client/server architecture, to the recent cloud computing architecture, we currently embrace the new era of Edge computing (as shown in Figure 1).

Figure 2

By using the architecture of IoT Cloud and Edge platform, the integration of IoT application, with Cloud computing and Edge computing, ensures a perfect match between information industry and Industry 4.0. The above Figure 2 illustrates how IoT Cloud and Edge platform combines with OpenStack cloud platform, IoT Smart Gateway, and IoT Device. Rather than sending the information back to cloud for analysis, IoT devices, by utilizing Edge computing architecture, directly send the information to IoT Smart Gateway to reduce the response time effectively, which also saves the cloud and bandwidth resources and provides a better connection security. In addition to integrating with big data operation analysis technology in cloud computing, we can combine Smart Gateway with container technology through the integration and management of Kubernetes with high availability (HA) and load balance (LB), to drive the high performance of Edge computing.

On a cloud computing platform, we can incorporate many well-known open source technologies, such as OpenStack and Ceph, that effectively provide technologies associated with software-defined networking (SDN) and Software-defined storage (SDS), auto scaling technology that allows IoT Cloud and Edge platform to utilize resources more flexibly, Elastic Search, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) that provides log analysis feature, or Smart Gateway that sends the information to the cloud for further analysis and then send the results back to Smart Gateway for updating.

The IoT platform integrated with Edge computing technology will bring users a high quality, better connection IoT service experiences, and will play an important role in smart home, smart city, smart transportation, and Industry 4.0 that is promoted by some governments.

written by Thor


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