Grafana Introduction

Grafana Introduction

Grafana is an open-source software for monitoring and analysis. One of its major characteristics is it supports many different data sources, from popular CloudWatch, Elasticsearch, Graphite, and influxDB, to OpenStack Gnocchi or Google Calendar. Its range is very extensive. Administrators or operators do not have to use a number of different monitoring software due to the limitation of different information sources.

Grafana equips with various panel options for users to choose. Other than the basic text, graphs, and charts, administrators or operators can use panel, such as gantt chart or flow chart to display monitored data and information, and change or adjust the color they like.

  • Another convenient characteristic is it allows user to save the pages as a template. Thus, when there is a need to install Grafana on different server, simply import the saved template.

 For administrators or operators, Grafana is a relatively good monitoring software, as long as it is suitable and can display correct information. Compared with many other monitoring software that use complex settings and are not easy to be read, Grafana provides not only colorful panels and clear information, but also many convenient packages that greatly relieve the burden of monitoring requirements.

written by Vickie



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