Trove: Database as a Service

Trove: Database as a Service

Many people have the experience on conducting the backup and recover job in SQL database. Traditionally, we might use some tools to perform these scheduling works. However, some users might have difficulties when facing these works.

On OpenStack platform, we can make use of Database as a Service (Trove) to achieve various operations. For example, create a new database service quickly on cloud for developers; or, create a new database service by the previous backup data.

For some special considerations, we might make moderations to the database on OpenStack. We can save the relative configuration and apply it on the new or other existing database service. This saves the time updating the configuration manually.

 It is relatively complex to set up the configuration when using database cluster service in the past. Sometimes I might make mistakes even if I look up the notes took by myself. With Database as a Service (Trove), we only need to select the type of cluster database we need. This saves a lot of time for us.

In this cloud era, we need to face and manage various services. Here are some common services: database service, AP service, ERP, CRM system, …, etc. We can maintain, integrate and test these services easily by using some tools. The OpenStack Trove mentioned above can help us create a cluster quickly, manage configurations, integrate virtual networks, backup and recovery, …, and other various applications.

If you more information, please check our online introduction and references.

Live:【Trove- Data Base as a Service 介紹】

Documentation: Trove – Database as A Service 


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