Introduction to OpenStack Host Group Features

Introduction to OpenStack Host Group Features

When setting up a  cloud environment, we have a high chance of several problems occurring: needing to buy the host at a different time, the need to place the virtual machine in other hosts, or because of the large amount of virtual machine resources used, we need to move to another host.

To achieve these goals, the following solutions can be done:

  1. Host Aggregate
  2. Host Aggregate

Before the host group is used, the administrator can set a group a for the user to choose.

After finishing, the user can be assigned to a specific group before establishing the virtual machine.

This allows you to specify what is to be placed in a specific host group before the virtual machine is created.

In case the virtual machine has already been established, OpenStack can also perform virtual machine migration by means of a hot migration.

The administrator is ready to move the virtual machine. The virtual machine is currently store in the Compute1 host.

Confirm the status of the virtual machine.

The administrator will specify when to migrate to the Compute2 host.

Migration in progress.

Migration complete.

Confirm the status of the virtual machine again

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